Group Fitness

All Classes are for 2nd Degree Memberships

Most are led by PERSONAL TRAINERS!!

Stop by the front desk to inquire about Upgrading!

BARBELL (Cheryl) 60 Min

Barbells and Heart Pumping music - a rhythmic lifting session.

CYCLING (Cheryl) 60 Min

Cycling for all abilities

CIRCUIT (Cheryl) 60 Min

Strength & Cardio meet for an explosive workout!

ZUMBA (Emily) 60 Min

Music, Dance, know you want to....


Just like it sounds...let out your inner beast!

"STRENGTH" (Taylor) 45 Min

Emphasis on strength and form. Our trainers lead you through proper form on every movement. STRENGTH will still have plenty of cardio in it to have that fat crying.

BOOTCAMP (Cheryl or Taylor) 45 Min

ALL ABILITIES - Find your inner strenth; and grow it...!

"HIIT" (Taylor) 45 Min

Trainer led High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Short rounds and explosive movements- come hydrated and ready to rock.

YOGA (Abby) 45 Min

Yoga for all levels

YOGA (Ash) 45 Min

Yoga for all levels

Tai Chi (Ash) 60 Min

Find your ZEN

Silver & Fit (Cheryl or Taylor) 60 Min

Stay forever active with this class designed for seniors